Why Families Are Crumbling

The old and conservative concept of family is fast crumbling before our very eyes. In the olden days, families consist of what today may conveniently be called the family lumps, a concept that still retains come relevance in the African concept of Kinship. But in the so-called advanced world, it is as good as gone. This may be attributed to the fact that most basic needs of every citizen is catered for by the government, such that it is easier for any one reaching the age of eighteen to already become independent of the parents. But in the third world countries, the reverse is still the case. The government is only catering for the populace in propaganda, while every one is to himself. Thus it is easy to see a man of fifty still dependent on the parents.

This goes a long way to explain certain psychological traits that can only be found in blacks. It also shows the level of intellectual maturity of the different races. As for spiritual maturity, that is a different story. Individuals bear Kama, and so do races as basic entities. And in the development of Mankind, the white race outpaced the rest in intellectual domination. But to whom much is given, much is expected. The white race were at the same time the race that recorded the worst spiritual failures.

Consider, in the human development, the development of the spirit is to go hand in hand with intellectual development. Hence, at each level of intellectual development, forerunners of the word of truth are sent to bring a race at par with the intellectual development and take them to the next level. The spiritual trainings will then be the driving impetus for physical development. Where it is the opposite, like the ancient people of the Incas, spiritual development becomes stunted until intellectual development catches up. That was why the people of Incas were allowed to be destroyed, so that they can be scattered in reincarnating among intellectuals and upgrade their intellect.

For this reason, there is usually implanted within man the longing for the spiritual unknown. This most times results in restlessness until the seeker is able to either find a spiritual goal or fall back into lethargy. The law of attraction plays a major role in this. You find a race that is exuberant,and you automatically know that most exuberant people are incarnated there.

When I talk of the intellect, I don’t just mean the educated, but all who depend only on their brain to reason out every thing without the impute of intuition. On the same pedestal can stand a University professor and a village farmer.

The disparity between the intellect and the intuition in its activity spell doom for the collapse of families. Like nations and races, families are the last links in the chain. In African villages, for example, because of homogeneity, souls keep incarnating within the same circle. Family members keep circulating within the same family. This means that when they leave the flesh, they do not even go beyond the planes of Astra before returning back to earth. And the ancestral African know this and sees it as normal. Thus before any ceremony, they pour libations to the earthbound ancestors, inviting them to take their own share of the feast.

But this condition is suffering under tremendous radiation pressure. This pressure is like flogging and forcing the earthbound souls to wake up and smell the coffee. Souls which are lazy are being forced to wake up, and this results in various rebellious moves by the younger generation. The “hippy” attitudes, drug related activities, so many of those things that make the youths long for “freedom”-these are the effects of the increasing cosmic radiation pressures on mankind. And it should not surprise anyone why it is more prevalent among blacks.

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