Convenient ways to send thank you messages

Sending a thank you message is one of the most thoughtful ways to show gratitude for a gift that was sent to you, for a favor that was done for you, for spending time with you, for inviting you to a party or an event or for just showing care and concern towards you, especially during the moments you need someone to listen to you.

A thank you message is usually sent as soon as possible. The right time for sending your appreciation towards a nice or kind gesture is right after the moment you received it. Don’t wait for tomorrow, or next week, so your gesture of gratefulness will not seem scripted. Sending thank you cards or messages should be genuine and has a sense of rawness.

Sending thank you cards immediately as possible is the ideal, but in most cases, it is done within a week. Here are possible ways how you can send thank you cards the fastest and most convenient ways.

Via SMS or call

When you only have their contact number, it is very convenient to just send your gratitude via SMS or text. Make it short but sweet. Not all people have time to read a very long message, some prefer direct to the point messages. Remember that sending thank you via text is very informal, so do it only for the people whom you don’t do business with because it might just offend someone. Saying thank you via a call is better than texts. Do it only if you have enough load for a call because some people tend to speak a lot. If you don’t have a line or a plan, make sure you are at least subscribed to an unlimited call so your conversation will not be dropped in the middle. That would turn off the person if your call is suddenly cut in the middles of a fun convo.

Via email

Sending thank you messages via email is better than an SMS or a call. It’s free and you can still be creative. You can make your own design, choose your own fonts and put pictures or images that your receiver can relate to. But if you are sending to your business partner or clients, make sure to send thank you message in a formal way, so they would feel the appreciation better.

Via thank you card mailing service

One of the most heartfelt and meaningful ways of saying thank you is via a handwritten card or note. The time and care you put into writing reflect the thoughtfulness and genuine appreciation. You might think that this way is too time consuming because you will spend time writing and sending a thank you card, but there is this mailing service that could be very helpful. This online service offers to make handwritten notes for you and mail it anywhere in the world. This is the best and most convenient way because you can send a thank you note with truly thoughtful words even if you are too occupied. This service understands the importance of handwritten notes which is why they invented robots that can perfectly copy human handwriting. The capability of these robots is applied to your desired card design and message. Via a thank you card mailing service, you can be sure that you leave an exceptional impression to the person who has done something for you and that you are making a better relationship with him or her, because a thank you card that is personalized is always appreciated and forever treasured.

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