Is Your Loved One Ready for Independent Living?

Independent living communities can be a positive first step for seniors who cannot or no longer wish to live alone. As our loved ones begin to age, it is imperative to make their lifestyle changes as easy as possible. Many families have found that senior communities can be very beneficial for their loved ones, particularly if the transition is seamless. These facilities often include nice amenities and activities perfectly suited to seniors.

Sometimes seniors may have negative feelings toward moving into a senior living community. Many feel like they are giving up their home, their life, and their independence. However, independent living facilities may be ideal because they can still provide a decent level of independence in a comfortable, safe atmosphere. Reputable facilities will do whatever it takes to make everyone involved comfortable. How do you know if your loved one is ready to make this transition? How can you encourage them to make this step? Here are a few benefits to independent living centers that may help in making that decision:

Maintain a Social Calendar

A major advantage to senior communities is the amount of social interaction they provide. Most facilities offer many activities for their tenants, allowing people to get together and interact with one another. It is vitally important for seniors to maintain an active, social lifestyle as much as possible. Social activities can ward off any feelings of depression and can keep their minds sharp and active. Additionally, many centers offer social outings to events off-site, like concerts or plays.

Living with Less Stress

Independent living centers can offer a very low-stress environment for seniors and their families. Families do not have to wonder about the safety of their loved one since most facilities have very strict security measures in place. Any accidents that may occur in individual residences, such as falls or other injuries, will be quickly met with immediate medical assistance. Most facilities have a plethora of activities available, all of which are very relaxing and stress-free. Overall, anything that needs to be taken care of with regard to the tenant is typically handled by the facility, leaving both the tenants and their families with few details to worry about.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Some facilities include fitness centers, as well as dietitians and fitness trainers on staff. They may even include a swimming pool for exercise and for leisure. Most fitness activities include low impact exercise, yoga, water aerobics, and walking.

When our loved ones reach a certain age, some hard decisions will need to be made. However, these decisions do not have to be completely negative. It is important to discuss everything thoroughly with your loved one and explain all of the options available to them. If their mind is still sharp and their bodies are quite active, independent living may be a positive step in the right direction.

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