Caring for Pets: Services Available for the Elderly

When a person becomes of an advanced age and finds difficulty in caring for their pets it can be a difficult situation. The same can be said for when someone has a life altering accident, making mobility difficult. Family pets provide excellent companionship and are even shown to boost the health of the elderly — hence the reason so many service animals are brought to homes for the aged. Services that offer caring for pets can make it so that the elderly are able to continue to have wonderful companion animals in their home without the worry about how they will provide the care required for the animal.

The alternative, rehoming the pet, is difficult on the pet owner as well as the animal. Before you start looking for a new home for a pet of an elderly or ill person, consider the alternative — caring for pets offered by home care services that can come in and offer a variety of services.

Home Care Services Can Include Caring for Pets

There are a variety of services offered by home care services including but not limited to caring for pets. Whether you need your pets walked, pet grooming done, changing the cat litter box, and other pet care services this can be handled by a home care services provider. We can even help with non-standard pets, such as birds and fish with cage-cleaning and aquarium cleaning as well as feeding these pets that bring our clients so much enjoyment.

In addition to caring for pets, additional services can help you or your loved one be more comfortable at home either after surgery or recovering from an accident as well as for those who are elderly and simply need additional assistance.

Night Care Services:

Services are available for both waking hours and nighttime when it can be extremely helpful to have an extra pair of skilled and caring hands available.

Respite Care:

Do you have a regular carer that needs time off? Ad hoc respite services are also available temporarily and at short notice when you need extra assistance.


Keeping your home in good order is a big part of why so many elderly or infirm people have difficulty remaining at home. The right help with a little light housekeeping, with landscaping, or with all of the above could make all the difference. Services can be tailored to your specific needs.

Personal Affairs:

Do you need help paying bills, dealing with finances, with your shopping, or another personal affairs area? Professional and confidential services are available from trustworthy people.

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