What Are Duality and Awareness?

I was thinking this morning, if my grandson, Jack, (five), asked me about Duality and Awareness, how would I explain it to him, so he would understand? Awareness, especially Duality, is something hard for even grownups to understand…

Here is what I would tell him:

First, Jack, like you already know, we cannot be in two places at the same time. If mommy goes to the grocery and you stay home, you are only at home. Even though you would like to be with mommy at the grocery, you are only in one place — you are home.

Before we were born, we were a part of a huge universe (home) and we were perfect there. We were pure energy and love and we had no limits put on us, so we were “limitless”.

When we were born, we became a physical being (a body) that walks, talks, and breathes air.

How do we KNOW this?

Well, because in being born, we also were given a mind. The mind is like a tool and it allows us to think. Our mind tells us this idea we have, about being a person (a being), is correct, so we believe it as something true.

“We think we are, so we are.”

We can’t know anything about the world around us, or about being a person (a being), unless we think about it first, with our mind — see, Jack, our mind is always thinking, because it thinks about everything.

Awakening and Awareness:

Each of us has the ability to go back home, back to where we were, before being born, to feel the energy and the love and to know and remember everything we only forgot, most especially, who our real and perfect self really is. We can do this by being aware, by remembering everything again.

The one thing that gets in the way of doing this is the mind. While the mind is a good thing and a necessary thing to have, it also puts “limits” on who we “think” we are, as well as, what we “think” we can do. Sometimes, the mind just gets in the way with all of its the limits it puts on us

So, while we are becoming aware, (going home again, by remembering), we are also learning how to make our mind be silent and stop thinking, so it won’t tell us we can’t go home to remember.

We cannot get back to the perfect us that is pure energy and love, and all of our memories of who we really are, if the mind is in the way. We just cannot be in two places at once.

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