As a step-parent, you have your work cut out for you because you now have to earn the trust and respect of your step-child. This is the best way for you to influence the child’s behaviour. Gaining a child’s trust and respect happens over a period of time and isRead More →

Being a stepparent can be somewhat difficult, especially because your new spouse’s child may not be happy with the reason that their parents are not together. Inviting a new person into your home as a replacement for a parent that may have passed away can be tragic, so it isRead More →

Being a parent to your own children can be a very challenging task but step parenting can be more intense. When marriage pushes you into becoming a step parent, you may find the situation burdened with obstacles. However, with good sensitivity and lots of communication, you may discover that stepRead More →

Today’s family portrait is just as likely to display a blended family as a nuclear family. However, with over 75% of adults with children remarrying and 60% of those marriages ending in divorce, mostly because of the children, indicates that something is desperately wrong. Perhaps The Brady Bunch gave usRead More →

So much has been written about step-mothering, but you’ll find very few resource materials that can guide you on how to be a good stepfather. Probably it’s because most men don’t directly involve themselves much in raising the children, but becoming a stepfather can be one of the hardest partsRead More →

It is usual to go through thin and thin in life. You thought life would be difficult being a parent, but you must never have imagined that life would be even tougher being a step parent. Some months ago, your spouse would have looked for a divorce attorney or aRead More →