When we think of spoilt kids many of us have visions of kids like Suri Cruise in her designer outfit clutching an iPad. But if you had the money, wouldn’t you too dress your child in head to toe expensive brands? And if so, wouldn’t this then also make yourRead More →

I was thinking this morning, if my grandson, Jack, (five), asked me about Duality and Awareness, how would I explain it to him, so he would understand? Awareness, especially Duality, is something hard for even grownups to understand… Here is what I would tell him: First, Jack, like you alreadyRead More →

One of the most important things about time out is that if you do choose to use it as a behaviour management tool, that you set it up to be successful. But what can we do to give ourselves and our kids, the best chance for this to happen? WhenRead More →

What are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to teaching our kids sorry, and how can we encourage them to eventually use it without prompting from us? When to Introduce Sorry is a must to start introducing in the toddler years, and many parents will find that they haveRead More →