Twins Baby Shower Ideas

If you’re hosting a twins baby shower for a friend or loved one, we offer guidelines for creating a memorable, fun shower. You will get tips about invitations, a menu, decorations and your centerpiece.


Your invitations should inform guests that the mother-to-be will be giving birth to twins. Whether it’s a stork carrying two bundles or two separate sets of footprints, the “twin” theme should be a main feature of your invitations. You may create your own, possibly with a picture of the soon to be parents. Many websites offer the opportunity to design your own invitations and print them at reasonable prices. You can also purchase bulk invitations at a local store.


Decide if you’d like to serve snack items, a full meal, or just desserts at your party. If snack items are your choice, include a number of light salads and many finger foods like fruit skewers, vegetable trays, cheese and crackers, and miniature sandwiches. Arranging items in sets of two supports the twin theme. If you’re serving a full meal, be sure to offer at least one vegetarian option for guests, and determine if the meal will be served to seated guests, or displayed buffet-style. Last, the dessert table should include a celebratory cake congratulating the new mother, as well as other goodies decorated with the theme in mind. Serving two mini-cupcakes, small cookies, or baby-sized brownies allows guests to have a little of each without being overwhelmed.


The invitations should set the scene for what decorations you choose. You may opt to simply pick a few colors and use the traditional balloons, flowers and streamers, or you may prefer to go with one of the many twins baby shower theme. A popular theme involves baby footprints, with four footprints stamped to table cloths as decorations.

Another choice is a baby animals theme. Start by selecting a specific animal or set of related animals, or go “wild” and use a Noah’s Ark theme, Include stuffed animals, wall hangings, and matching tableware (decorative cups, plates, napkins, and colorful silverware). Whole sets of decorations can be purchased together, or you can mix and match to create your own unique design. There are many examples of animal cakes, which serve as a great decoration, on the website: Coolest Birthday


Centerpieces that can be taken home are always a guest favorite, so consider bouquets, filled with cookies, flowers, or lollipops as an option. Stuffed animals with balloons or a banner can be adorable theme-related centerpieces. For something a little more elegant and grown-up, try floating candles or a platter with individual portions of Jordan almonds tied with a thank you tag. The theme of your party should continue into every detail, and centerpieces are a great way to pull everything together. Look for unique items to match your d├ęcor. For example, for a stork theme, locate a stork basket or create a stork display with empty bundle to fill with flowers or other goodies on each table.

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