Grandma Shower – Understanding This New Party Trend

The idea of the grandma shower, or grandma baby shower is something that has really been catching on in recent years. It is a time for friends to gather together to celebrate with a soon-to-be grandma. They can ooooh and ahhh over baby goodies. While surrounding the new grandma with love as she enters this new stage of life.

What is a grandma shower? A grandma shower is a baby shower that is thrown for the grandma. Her friends gather together to celebrate the expected arrival of her first grandchild. They also shower her with useful gifts for her to keep at her home for the baby.

Does a grandma really need a baby shower? In most cases, unless the grandma is expecting to end up with custody of the baby, she probably does not NEED a shower. However, who doesn’t love a good party? A grandma baby shower is much more about enjoying good friends and celebrating than it is about the gifts. Becoming a grandmother is a big transition for many women. In general most grandmas find themselves playing largely a support role in the preparation for a new baby. Yet having a grandchild born is a major life changing event. Most women find it an exciting time, but there are many emotions that go into this new role. Having a shower gives grandma a chance to celebrate and for just a short time be the center of attention in her new role.

Who should be invited to a grandma shower? In general, grandma showers are for friends. It would be a lot to ask family to go to a shower for the new mom, and then another for the new grandma. Most grandma of them are thrown and attended by friends. In general they are smaller gatherings than new mommy baby showers. They are for those friends who the expectant grandma feels closest to.

What do people do at a grandma shower? Grandma showers can be anything from a simple get together at a restaurant for a meal, a tea, or the like, to a full shower at someone’s home or a party location. The gathering can be as simple as a bunch of friends getting together, spending time with one another, talking, laughing, and just enjoying themselves. If a more formal event is desired, the grandma shower can look very much like a baby shower. It might have cake, baby shower games, decorations, and more.

What kinds of gifts would you get a grandma for her shower? Grandmas usually don’t need a ton of baby supplies. However, there are some things that can be useful. Gifts such as diapers, extra outfits, a pack and play, and a high chair or booster seat will be appreciated. These gifts make it easier for the new grandma and the new mom. If the new grandma will be providing daycare for the baby, then she will need even more goodies to make sure baby is happy at her home.

Although a grandma shower might not be for everyone, it is a great way to celebrate the new addition to a grandma’s life.

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