Baby Showers: When and Where to Throw Them

Every expectant mother expects to have a baby shower. Not only are these events fun-filled and celebratory, they also prepare her for the arrival of her little one, as she is showered with gifts that are intentionally meant to be used with her little one. If you are an expectant mother or if you know someone who is, you may be wondering when is the best time to throw a shower.

Baby showers are often held sometime during the early part of the third trimester of pregnancy; at about 32 weeks or thereabouts. This time frame is usually selected for the event because at this time, the mother-to-be is well beyond the danger period of her pregnancy. The first trimester should be completely out of the question for baby showers because the pregnancy is still too new at this point. While the danger period is coming to an end during the second trimester, there is still some risk during this period, so it is also best not to plan a shower during this time. Waiting until late in the third trimester to hold a shower should also be avoided. The expectant mother will want to enjoy the event and typically, as the baby is nearing its arrival, the soon-to-be mom will likely be very uncomfortable. There is also a risk that the baby may arrive before the shower is held the event is delayed until the late third trimester.

So, now that you know approximately when to throw a shower, you may also want to consider where to throw one, or where to ask for your shower to be held. The truth is, there is no exact right place to hold baby showers. Restaurants and catering halls are often popular locations to hold these joyous events, as these locations provide food and usually offer full service, making the event easier for those who are holding them. However, a shower can be anywhere, including someone’s home or even a picnic in a park. Wherever you decide to hold a shower or ask to have your baby shower held, remember that comfort for the expectant mother is of utmost importance. So, while a picnic in a park may sound appealing, avoid having the guest-of-honor sitting on the ground and instead bring a firm, comfortable chair for her to sit on. Knowing when and where to hold baby showers is half the battle for planning a successful event.

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