Baby Shower Decorations: How to Do It

There are a lot of things to do when planning for a baby shower. One of the important tasks you need to accomplish is deciding what would be the decorations for the venue. Baby shower decorations help set the mood for the party. There are few ideas to consider when beautifying the event place, from picking the baby shower theme to decorating tables.

First thing you need to do for baby shower decorations is to pick or choose a theme and color. In case you already know the baby’s gender, you can go with the traditional pink for girl or blue color for boy. If it is still unknown, colors white, ivory, soft yellow or pale green would be a good choice. You can also consider using bright or primary colors. When it comes to the theme, it should match the chosen color scheme. It should always match together to have harmony. Cartoon characters are some of the most common themes selected by baby shower organizers. Decorating the area as a big playroom is also a good idea. Make use of large playground balls, clip arts, oversized stuff animals and large plastic toy bins for cold beverages. These items can be saved for the future baby.

If the baby already has a name, you can include that to the decor. For example, hang a large banner or streamer that welcomes the baby like “We look forward in meeting you, Carlo!” You can also spell out the name and put it on large blocks of evenly sized cardboard boxes. Games may also revolve around the chosen baby name. An example would be to ask your guests to list down different things from the first letter of the baby name. Set a time limit of five minutes. Another game that could be played using the name is listing down prominent people that share the first name of the baby. Your party now has fun and excitement.

Next thing to consider is to organize the seating chart. In arranging it, it is important that you let your guest interact with one another. Round tables that can be occupied by eight to 10 people is a much better choice than those rectangular banquet tables. In this rectangular setup, invitees would not be able to talk since they would be far from each other. They would be able to mingle only to those that are near from their seat. It is also very important that the guests have a good view of the expectant mother on the main table. In setting up the tables, consider putting fresh flowers to make the guests feel welcome.

In this occasion, gifts would not be absent. So another thing to keep in mind is the table for gifts. You can have one table for the gifts or make it two, depending on the number of guests invited. Place two chairs side to side of the table, one is for the expectant mother and another for the close friend. As mom-to-be open the gifts, her friend will mark down each gift. It is necessary to do it so it would be very easy in sending out thank you cards.

These are just few things to consider for baby shower decorations. It should not always be expensive just to impress the guests. What is important is that all the people there celebrate the pregnancy of the mom-to-be.

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