Latest Craze of Organic Cotton Products in Children Garments

Toddlers are so cute that they are certainly one of the sweetest things we get to see on the planet. It is therefore obvious, they are the cynosure of our attention. In accordance to the lines above, this article is a wholehearted attempt to keep conscious parents in the loop regarding the latest developments centred on child health.

Our Kids & Their Sensitive Skin

Children, as we all know, are blessed with soft, tender skin. Sensitivity quotient of their skin is much higher as compared to adults. Thus, their skin reacts more vigorously to harmful, unwanted substances whenever they come in contact with. Now, the question is where does those harmful, unwanted substances originate from causing suffering to the apples of our eyes?

Cotton is one the most popular fabrics to weave garments for children. The natural fibre is exceptionally soft in texture and easily breathable for the human skin. In fact, sensitive skin of our children never suffocates when they are wrapped in cotton clothing. This factor boosts commercial prospect of the fibre to towering heights that are hardly scalable. This unparalleled commercial viability impresses farmers to make rampant usage of artificial chemicals to augment the quantity of harvest. Those synthetic chemicals are more popularly known as pesticides and fertilisers. These substances made in laboratories are actually hazardous toxins.

The Hazard

Cotton has a peculiar property. It retains the synthetic chemicals till a lengthy time span. Eventually, as the crop is plucked from the fields, sent to factories for commercial processing weaved into various clothing product and placed in the market – the toxic chemicals remain thoroughly present.

Even industrial processing of cotton bales involves treating the fibre with an array of other synthetic chemicals. This further exposes it to the threat of residual toxins. In fact, pediatricians are making concerted effort to raise consciousness among the masses over this issue.

Developing Trend

In a recent development, a unique and premier variety of the fibre is steadily gaining commercial prominence. This exclusive cotton variety is absolutely free from the hazard of residual toxins. Unlike the ordinary grade, it is cultivated at a few selected locations on earth including India and Brazil without applying any man-made chemical. Manure and fertilisers that are used in this farming are categorically extracted from various natural and organic sources and hence, are completely bio-degradable. Moreover, adequate care is taken during industrial processing of this carefully cultivated variety of cotton to ensure no synthetic colouring agent ever comes in contact.

The exclusive variety of the fibre is more popularly referred to as certified organic cotton. In fact, because of the stern measures followed during industrial processing the range of clothing merchandise made from the organic fibre comes in a limited number of shades. The texture of organic cotton products is obviously softer as compared to those made from the ordinary variety. Extensive research has confirmed the superior grade of the fibre is absolutely free from residual toxins. In fact, clothing items made from it help the tender skin of our young ones breath through with greater ease.

As such, an increasing number of conscious parents are steadfastly opting for the latest variety of clothing products for their kids.

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