First, you might be wondering, if you only have one child, and you don’t run, why on earth would you even want to consider buying one of these? It’s a fair question, but the answers contained below might both surprise you and change your mind. Even if you’ve only gotRead More →

Being a parent to your own children can be a very challenging task but step parenting can be more intense. When marriage pushes you into becoming a step parent, you may find the situation burdened with obstacles. However, with good sensitivity and lots of communication, you may discover that stepRead More →

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Today’s family portrait is just as likely to display a blended family as a nuclear family. However, with over 75% of adults with children remarrying and 60% of those marriages ending in divorce, mostly because of the children, indicates that something is desperately wrong. Perhaps The Brady Bunch gave usRead More →

Many women wonder when it will be the best time to start a family. The truth is, you really cannot just pick an age and determine that it is the best age. This is just simply not the case. There are many different factors that go into deciding when itRead More →